Internet of Things(IOT)

The businesses POE provides for your company in the field of Internet of Things include: PCB manufacturing, global component procurement, and PCB assembly. Based on the documents you provide we provide from prototype to mass production.
Internet of Things(IOT)

What is IOT ? it includes below area:

Industrial lot, Network, Centric, Sensors, Industrial apps, Monitoring tools, Quality, Automation, Safety.

Equipment Compatibility Technology

Equipment compatibility technology In most cases, enterprises will build industrial Internet of Things based on existing industrial systems. How to make the sensors used in industrial Internet of Things compatible with the sensors used in the original equipment is one of the problems faced by the promotion of industrial Internet of Things. The compatibility of sensors mainly refers to the compatibility of data formats and communication protocols, and the key to compatibility is the unification of standards. At present, Profibus and Modbus protocols, which are widely used in industrial field bus networks, have solved the compatibility problem well, and most industrial equipment manufacturers have developed various sensors and controllers based on these protocols. In recent years, with the increasingly widespread application of industrial wireless sensor networks, the current industrial wireless standards such as WirelessHART, ISA100.11a and wIA—PA3 are all compatible with the IEEE802.15.4 wireless network protocol, and provide a tunneling mechanism to be compatible with the existing communication protocols, which enriches the composition and functions of the industrial Internet of Things system. 

Network Technology

Network is one of the cores of industrial Internet of Things, and data is transmitted through the network between different levels of the system. Networks are divided into wired networks and wireless networks. Wired networks are generally used in cluster servers in data processing centers, local area networks in factories and some field bus control networks, which can provide high-speed and high-bandwidth data transmission channels. Industrial wireless sensor network is a new technology for sensor networking and data transmission using wireless technology. Compared with wired network, industrial wireless sensor network technology is in the development stage, which solves the shortcomings of traditional wireless network technology in industrial field environment and provides high reliability, high real-time performance and high security. The main technologies include: adaptive frequency hopping, reliable communication resource scheduling, wireless routing, low-cost and high-precision time synchronization, network hierarchical data encryption, network anomaly monitoring and alarm, and equipment access authentication. 

Information Processing Technology

Information processing technology With the explosive growth of industrial information, a large amount of data generated in the process of industrial production is a challenge for the industrial Internet of Things. How to effectively process, analyze and record these data and extract the results with guiding suggestions for industrial production is the core and difficulty of the industrial Internet of Things. The ubiquitous perception of industrial Internet of Things makes people become the perceived objects. Through the analysis of environmental data and the modeling of user behavior, we can realize the behavior, environment and state perception among people, people, machines and machines in the process of production design, manufacturing and management, and more truly reflect the detailed changes in the industrial production process, so as to get more accurate analysis results. 

The Security of Industrial Internet of Things 

The security of industrial Internet of Things mainly involves the processes of data collection security and network transmission security. Information security plays a key role in the operation of enterprises. For example, in metallurgical, coal, petroleum and other industries, data collection needs long-term continuous operation. How to ensure the accuracy of information during data collection and transmission is the premise for the application of industrial Internet of Things in actual production.

Why Choose POE?

The businesses POE provides for your company in the field of Internet of Things include: PCB manufacturing, global component procurement, and PCB assembly. Based on the documents you provide we provide from prototype to mass production.


PCB Manufacturing

  • Prototype manufacturing can be completed quickly in just 24 hours;
  • Including 1-40L rigid board, flexible board and rigid-flexible board;
  • Materials include FR-4, Rogers, Teflon, Taconic, Arlon, Ceramic.

PCB Assembly

  • Support SMT & THT PCB assembly;
  • Turnkey & Consign PCB Assembly;
  • PCB component sourcing;
  • Provide AOI, X-ray Inspection, In-Circuit Testing (ICT), Functional Testing.

Markets We Support

  • Smart Home and Consumer IoT;
  • Wearables and personal medical devices;
  • Industrial automation and asset tracking;
  • Environmental Monitoring and Agricultural Technology.
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