New product introduction

We work closely with our clients to develop detailed plans outlining the design, fabrication and assembly processes, as well as project timelines and budgets
New product introduction

New Product Introduction

Our NPI (New Product Introduction) service is a comprehensive service package covering all aspects of PCB design and manufacturing, from concept to finished product. This service is designed to help our customers bring their new products to market quickly and efficiently while ensuring they meet the required standards of quality and reliability.
Our new product introduction service begins with a consultation with the client to understand their requirements and expectations. We work closely with our clients to develop detailed plans outlining the design, fabrication and assembly processes, as well as project timelines and budgets. We also provide guidance on material and component selection to ensure the finished product meets the required specifications.

New Product Introduction

Our new product introduction (NPI) service helps customers successfully bring new electronics products from design to volume production. We assist with every stage of the process

Design: We review and optimize customers' schematics and circuit designs to improve manufacturability, performance and yield. Our engineers identify issues that could impact reliability and offer design modifications.
Prototyping: We fabricate quick-turn prototype and pre-production PCBs using standard and advanced processes. Prototypes undergo testing to verify design specifications are met before moving to volume production.
Testing: Electrical, environmental and mechanical testing is performed on prototypes to uncover any design flaws or reliability risks. Issues are fixed before mass manufacturing begins.
Design for Manufacturing: We optimize PCB layouts according to manufacturing requirements and cost targets. This includes design for automated assembly, supply chain considerations and compliance with standards.
Certification: We help customers obtain necessary product certifications like UL, IPC and RoHS compliance for market access.
Production Transfer: Once the design is validated, we smoothly transition manufacturing from prototypes to volume production using similar processes to ensure consistency and reliability.
Support: We provide ongoing design maintenance, component obsolescence management, new revisions and enhancements to support customers throughout the product lifecycle.

The box building assembly process including

Designing the Enclosure: The first step is to design the enclosure based on the customer's specifications. The enclosure can be made of plastic, metal, or any other material that is suitable for the application.
Mounting the PCB: Once the enclosure is designed, the PCB is mounted inside the enclosure. The PCB is designed based on the customer's requirements, and it contains the necessary electronic components.
Wiring: The next step is to wire the components together. The wiring is done based on the circuit diagram, which is provided by the customer.
Testing: Once the wiring is complete, the finished product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the customer's specifications and is of high quality.

Our NPI service helps customers achieve

  • Faster time to market
  • Higher design yields and reliability
  • Lower costs and component prices
  • Reduced risks from issues caught early
  • Access to our industry expertise and experience
  • Regulatory compliance

We follow a structured methodology with milestones

  • Optimize schematics and BOM
  • Produce and test 1-10 prototypes
  • Modify design based on test results
  • Produce and test 2nd round prototypes and validation plan
  • Apply DFM guidelines and optimize for production
  • Obtain necessary certifications
  • Produce and test pre-production runs
  • Finalize design for volume manufacturing
  • Provide ongoing support after product launch
We would be happy to develop a customized proposal addressing your specific NPI requirements and goals. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss further. I'd be glad to refine the scope and details of our proposal to best suit your needs for bringing your new product to market.
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