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PCBA Factory Equipments

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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment: SMT equipment is used to place electronic components onto a PCB using surface mount technology. This equipment includes pick-and-place machines, solder paste printers, reflow ovens, and inspection equipment.
Through-Hole Technology (THT) equipment: THT equipment is used to place electronic components with leads through holes in a PCB. This equipment includes wave soldering machines, selective soldering machines, and inspection equipment.
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment: AOI equipment is used to inspect the quality of the assembly, detecting defects like missing or misaligned components, and soldering issues.
X-Ray equipment: X-ray equipment is used for inspection of BGA and Micro-BGA assemblies. It helps detect defects that are not visible through visual inspection.
Flying Probe Test equipment: Flying Probe Test (FPT) equipment is used to test the PCBs by sending signals through the traces on the PCB, detecting any issues like shorts, opens, or wrong component values.
PCB Cleaning equipment: PCB cleaning equipment is used to clean the PCB after assembly to remove any excess flux or contaminants that could affect the performance and reliability of the assembly.
PCB Routing equipment: PCB routing equipment is used to separate the PCBs into individual units after assembly.
By using these types of equipment, a PCBA factory can provide high-quality, reliable PCB assemblies that meet the customer's requirements and specifications. The equipment ensures the accuracy, consistency, and repeatability of the assembly process, while also optimizing the cost and time required for PCBA production.

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