Medical Healthcare

100% security is the focus of PCBA in the medical field. Medical instruments and equipment require reliable, high-quality solutions.
Medical Healthcare

Medical PCBA

100% security is the focus of PCBA in the medical field. Medical instruments and equipment require reliable, high-quality solutions.
POE provides fully integrated Class I, II and III medical device manufacturing capabilities. From production, assembly, packaging and logistics, POE brings OEM medical technology to life.
POE's biggest advantage in the field of medical PCBA is that it only manufactures products that fully comply with the latest standards of medical PCBA. We also have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, two important certifications in the medical field.

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Certifications owned by POE

ISO 9001: International certification standard for quality management systems (QMS) in manufacturing and testing PCBA;
ISO 13485: Quality management system (QMS) standard designed specifically for medical device manufacturers;
IPC-A-610: This is the standard for the acceptability of electronic components;
UL 94: This is the flammability standard for materials used in electronic products, including PCBs. It specifies the flame retardancy and flame resistance requirements of materials;
IPC III: 3 factors that mainly regulate PCBA:
1. The PCB must not have any annular rings broken.
2. There must be at least 1 mil of plating in the through hole.
3. Tighter tolerances on conductor spacing and width.

Services provided by POE

1. Only produce medical PCBs with copper holes above 25um to ensure quality.
2. Lead-free PCB assembly
3. Clean, static-free working environment
4. Rapid prototyping within1 to 5 days
5. Broad range of materials, substrates and coating options
6. Product specific functional testing
7. Rigid, flexible and up to 40-layer PCB assembly
8. Fine pitch, BGA and micro BGA mounting (74mm to 0.25mm)
9.IPC-A-610 process standard.

Why choose POE as your PCB assembly service provider

We have been at the forefront of medical PCBA for many years. We understand the stringent size and design requirements of medical PCBs and have been committed to offering the same. Our Printed Circuit Boards comply with ISO, IPC regulations.
As a leading medical PCB assembly company, we implement strict quality system regulations. PCBs are inspected at all stages of manufacturing from manufacturing to assembly as well as labeling, packaging and storage, maintaining our commitment to delivering high quality medical PCBAs.
All PCB manufacturing and assembly are performed in an environmentally clean environment at our well-equipped factory in Shenzhen, China. To avoid contamination, we ensure a clean, static-free, dust-free working environment in the factory. This ensures product quality.

POE has rich PCBA experience in the following products in the medical field:

Power supplies, spectrum analysis, ultrasound, laser therapy, MRT and CT scans, respirators, infusion pumps, diagnostics, pacemakers, defibrillators, respirators, nursing monitors, electric wheelchairs, digital nutrition pumps, MRI equipment, patients Positioners, cochlear implants, scanning technology, control systems, insulin pumps, diagnostic equipment, cochlear implants, smartphones and tablets for mobile health applications, imaging equipment, 2D and 3D sensors, implantable defibrillators, magnetic resonance Imaging Equipment, Dental Equipment, X-ray Computed Tomography, Infusion Controls, Responsive Neurostimulators, Blood Glucose and Stress Monitors, Monitoring Equipment, Digital X-ray Equipment, Flexible and Rigid-Flex Interconnects for Sensitive Devices, Ultrasonic Equipment, Flow and distribution systems, body temperature monitors, imaging equipment, electrical muscle stimulation equipment, wearable medical devices, Ultra HDI circuit boards and cables.


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