BGA PCB Assembly

We provide precision BGA PCB assembly services to enable the reliable production of boards employing high pin count, fine pitch packages
BGA PCB Assembly

BGA PCB Assembly

At POE, we provide precision BGA PCB assembly services to enable the reliable production of boards employing high pin count, fine pitch packages. Our capabilities leverage the latest technologies, processes and expertise to assemble even the most complex designs employing the smallest BGA components available.

bga pcb assembly
Packages using ball grid array (BGA) interconnects have become ubiquitous due to their ability to provide dramatically higher pin counts in smaller footprints compared to leaded counterparts. 

Common BGA types assembled at our POE facilities include:

Fine Pitch BGA (FPBGA) with 0.4mm to 0.8mm ball spacing
Very Fine Pitch BGA (VFPBGA) below 0.4mm
Micro BGA (μBGA) with submillimeter ball spacing down to 0.3mm
Wafer Level Chip Scale BGA (WLCSP) packaged at wafer level with 250um ball spacing
We also support Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) enabling the smallest footprints and highest I/O counts from 700 to over 2000 connections.

Producing Reliable Fine Pitch BGA Interconnects

Assembling fine pitch BGAs presents unique challenges that require precision processes, optimized recipes and the latest automation. Our assembly technologies and strategies for producing void-free, coplanar BGA joints include:
  • Precision part placement down to 40 microns using automated optical inspection (AOI) and automated x-ray inspection (AXI)
  • Optimized solder paste volumes and stencil designs for target fillet sizes after reflow
  • Component and PCB self-centering features that aid coplanarity
  • Customized reflow profiles tuned for each package and solder ball alloy
  • Real-time solder joint inspection during assembly using AOI and AXI for 100% defect detection
  • Underfill dispensing to provide strain relief and prevent joint fatigue
Together, our precise processes enable the reliable attachment of the highest pin count BGAs with the smallest ball pitches available.

Capablities for Complex High Density Circuit Assembly

In addition to fine pitch BGA assembly, our services encompass:
  • Mixed technology assembly integrating BGAs, QFNs, discretes, passive components and connectors
  • Flexible and rigid-flex circuit assembly with fine pitch capability
  • Failure analysis and debugging of BGA interconnect defects using x-ray, visual and microscopy
  • Prototype through volume production as an OEM/ODM assembly partner
  • Our team of experienced engineers and technicians leverage the latest assembly technologies and measurments systems to consistently deliver BGA PCB assemblies with the highest reliability. 
Leverage our proven BGA assembly expertise, technologies and processes to enable the miniaturization and increased functionality of your next-generation electronics products. Let's discuss how we can help you overcome the challenges of high density circuit assembly for reliable performance and yield.
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