POE Yangmeikeng Coast in April 2023

At any time, we set off, intoxicated in the natural world, the city's hustle and bustle is isolated behind the green trees, at a natural slow pace, regulating the state of fast-paced urban life.
POE Yangmeikeng Coast in April 2023
30 May 2024
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The Most Beautiful Spring Days, In the Days Filled with Spring

At any time, we set off, intoxicated in the natural world, the city's hustle and bustle is isolated behind the green trees, at a natural slow pace, regulating the state of fast-paced urban life.

To further build the "POE culture" concept and strengthen the cohesion of all employees in the company

Yangmeikeng Walks
A group of people, one road
Strive with diligence and steadfastness
Embrace the most beautiful Yangmeikeng coast with passionate fervor
Let us get closer

Currently, Yangmeikeng in Shenzhen Dapeng is lush with greenery. As a coastal city, it is surrounded by the sea on three sides and has a long coastline. While cycling, we listen to the sea wind sing and watch the waves dance. Passing through the green waters and mountains, the rich flavor of happiness flows slowly...

"A thousand-mile coastline, a landscape painting" The team passed along the coast, enjoying the beautiful scenery of mountains and seas. People sit on bicycles, bicycles swim in the painting, flowers on the road sway in the wind, the sound of waves applauds and cheers for them , Seagulls on the sea bless and send them off, they pass through crowds of people, just to find mountains and kiss the sea, all in poetic
beautiful scenery.

Activity 1
Cycling Route - The Most Beautiful Coastline in Shenzhen Yangmeikeng
Yangmeikeng is formed by the convergence of two big gorges. One is Zhenwei Gorge, originating between Dayanding and Sanjiao Mountain; the other is Dagonghu Gorge, originating from Qinunian Mountain. There are many beautiful ponds along the way, with lush scenery on both sides. The stream meets the sea with many rocks, smooth or sharp. The sea water is azure blue. The gentle wind caresses the face and makes the mind at ease. One can see sailing boats nearby and island shadows in the distance. Riding in this enchanting time, there are scenic spots everywhere, stories and legends, one gets intoxicated in it unconsciously, feeling the beauty of nature, this trip is worthwhile. The cyclists also become part of the beautiful scenery, different crowds and traffic flow like musical notes hopping on the bicycle path,like colorful butterflies dancing in the green trees, chasing the rippling waves. The wonderful combination of green ecology and lively dynamics highlights the exquisiteness and poetic spirit of this city!

Activity 2
Lunch - Outdoor Barbecue Farm Style
The barbecue makes everyone more excited, and one can experience outdoor clay pot cooking, instantly recalling the memories of childhood. Here we see the delicious and fresh free-range chicken, agile reservoir fish, green seasonal vegetables, all freshly picked and washed. After the ingredients are ready, it's time for us to show off our skills. The collision between the earthenware pot and the ladle, under the roaring firewood, the rich aroma comes to the nose. With everyone's cooperation, a table of delicious delicacies is presented in front of us!

Activity 3
Spring Taste Buds - Afternoon Tea
Afternoon leisure time, mixed with a few people playing mahjong at the table, happiness comes with mahjong in hand. Plus an exquisite afternoon tea to awaken the spring taste buds, fresh fruits and rich cream collide into sweet afternoon tea ritual sense, follow the refreshing special adjustment to taste romance, outline the multi-dimensional pursuit of life, romantic and uninhibited,the spring trip comes vividly.

The sun is warm, not in vain of time, go forward all the way, the future is promising, the team building ends successfully!

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